The way you learn is the way we do business.


   The way you learn is the way we do business.

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Meet Tony Kuhel

Tony is the Managing Director of Executive Leadership with Escalys where he applies and continues to grow his proven, leadership skills and practices in managing community formation and knowledge for sustained innovation, continuous improvement, and strategic collaboration for a wide range of clients and partners. He has over 40-years of experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, commercial and capital goods, advanced manufacturing, financial services, risk management, and various nonprofit and governmental sectors.

Mr. Kuhel served in a variety of senior operating and technical management roles at British Petroleum/Sohio, and earlier with General Electric.  He was also a Director with Knowledge Transformation® International, formed by BP’s Core Knowledge Management Team.

As a core member of the London-based Group KM team, Mr. Kuhel’s work contributed to creating the most successful demonstration of managing knowledge for hard business value in history.  His work has been recognized both in terms of value creation and sustainable business practice and has been presented in the Harvard Business Review, numerous books and case studies and as Gartner’s “The Future of Business.”  Most recently he was acknowledged in McGraw Hill’s “Beyond the Deal: A Revolutionary Framework for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions that Achieve Breakthrough Performance Gains” by Hubert Saint-Onge & Jay Chatzkel.

Over his experience, Mr. Kuhel has stressed the need for building high performing communities; profitable, cooperative relationships with business partners based on common strategic goals, and the use of advanced technology to enable desired outcomes.  To this end, he has supported a wide range of organizations including The United Nations, Marsh & McLennan, Timken, Eaton, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Weatherhead School of Management, Akron Ohio’s Regional Connecting Communities Program, MAR Systems (a start up company based on breakthrough water treatment technology developed with the US EPA where he was co-Founder and inventor, served as COO/CTO through full scale manufacture, commercialization, and Series B funding).  He also served as Program Director for ENI Petroleum conducting one of the first Safety and Environmental Systems (SEMS) Audits in the US Gulf Coast; targeting both compliance and creating self-sustaining cultures for perfect safety and environmental performance in support of Department of Interior regulations.

Tony is also an officer and co-founder of the EnergyOhio Network (EON) in support of state-wide learning for energy through strategic pilot programs to support ‘action based learning’ and to speed development of state energy policy. The current focus is shale development, distributed energy generation and workforce development and support to Ohio’s “energy pillars” program.

The key to Mr. Kuhel’s achievements has been his skills with people and teams, and collaborative leadership targeting very high levels of sustainable performance.  He has proven consistently successful in recruiting, hiring, training, and managing individuals and international teams.  By establishing learning metrics aligned with strategic objectives, he monitors progress and results, rapidly implementing approaches and technologies to enable an optimum level of performance from action based learning.  This has been especially successful in enhancing the performance of complex, innovative organizations through managing intellectual capital, culture, and cross-functional integration.