The way you learn is the way we do business.


   The way you learn is the way we do business.

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Meet Robert O'Malley

Bob serves Escalys clients on issues pertaining to strategy, communications, knowledge management, business processes, learning, intranets, collaboration, communities of practice, product/service development, marketing, and research.


Throughout his career, Bob has advised organizations and businesses on their emerging and most pressing issues, helping them to establish and operate frameworks, processes, and technology for dealing with regulations, deadlines, goals, and opportunities. He has been able to solve problems for clients who need to implement new ways of doing things and that require that right information be available to right person at the right time. Working with clients, Bob delivers solutions that work in the context of their organizational culture and processes.



Global and national project highlights:


Established a strategy and executed the Knowledge Management program for nationally recognized, award winning charter school.  The approached supported capture of the know-how of leading teachers and administrators to identify keys to its ongoing success and innovations, culture and behaviors that created and supported its success.  He also developed a program to allow the school program to grow, to support impact on a new network of charter schools, and to minimize the impact of loss of a maturing workforce.


Bob served as one of the leads in a multi-year contract to manage knowledge for a major regional Connecting Communities Program in support of the Metropolitan Planning Organizations sponsors, project teams, and the recipient communities.  This targeted identifying key practices, developing a method to leverage know-how, and to build a self-sustaining approach for ongoing learning and innovation in executing the program.


Provided headquarters support to a major oil company in exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) to achieve compliance as one of the first to support the US Department of Interior request for operational audit of Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS).  This effort was recognized by the US as a benchmark effort in achieving compliance in the GOM.


Developed a highly visible and customizable solution for a global auditing firm focusing on its own quality and risk management efforts.  Also developed the executive sponsorship and processes to ensure it would be both useful and used. The solution delivered the right content to the right audiences. It was extremely well received and was noted for being “among the best” the firm had to offer.


Worked with an organization’s internal CFOs and national technology groups to develop and deploy a Pricing Portal that met stringent security protocols and was used across all business units in the Americas. The pricing portal provided access to engagement economics and pricing information that improved project fee communication, pricing, and profit.


Solved an enduring, decades-long challenge for business development leaders at a global organization: getting timely and accurate credentials information to business development leaders in a manner that would be both sustainable and culturally acceptable for the organization. His solution delivered up-to-date information, reducing preparation time while improving proposal quality and productivity for business development teams.  He also conceived and delivered an account-centric activity and information dashboard that facilitated teams’ daily activities by providing consolidated internal and external content relevant to each team.


Established a process and online support tool for a large professional services firm helping clients prepare for the Y2K deadline. Process and technology identified and reported the Y2K-readiness of vendor software packages and were instrumental in preparing some of the world’s leading companies to approach the year 2000 with confidence. 


Conceived and developed a client-focused Year 2000 Executive Awareness Program for 1,000 global audit firm clients that were deemed “at risk” in their Y2K preparation. This project was one of the global firm’s most comprehensive releases of content to its clients. It included assessment tools, project templates, and preparatory activities that helped the clients escape Y2K unscathed.


Was integral to the design, execution, and implementation of a groundbreaking program honoring innovation amongst automotive suppliers. Developed communications and worked with the program’s judges – industry leaders who reviewed applications, visited supplier finalists, and developed the framework to select the inaugural winners. Now in its 15th year of operation, the program is considered the industry’s Academy Awards of innovation.


Was instrumental to implementing and operating a global consultancy’s initial foray into online commerce for one of their largest and fastest growing consulting practices.  Assured that client subscriber questions received an “official” answer from practice professionals within 48 hours. This involved crafting an initial response to client questions and tapping into a network of Subject Matter Experts he developed and maintained. The SME network contacts would review the initial response and make any necessary changes before clients received their answers.


Bob has worked across a variety of industries ranging from professional services, energy, technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and Internet to start-ups and nationally recognized non-profit players. He has been recognized for his skill in identifying challenges being faced by clients and in developing and applying leading practices to help his clients excel.


Prior to joining Escalys, Bob worked for both IBM Global Services and Ernst & Young, serving clients and leading many highly acclaimed enterprise-wide and practice-based projects that helped to tackle new opportunities and to solve both emerging and persistent challenges.


Bob holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Economics) from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Business Administration degree (Marketing and Information Systems) from Case Western Reserve University.