The way you learn is the way we do business.


   The way you learn is the way we do business.

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Meet Rick Stockburger

Rick is Vice President of Collaboration with Escalys where he oversees and fosters the vast network that Escalys has built to establish community oriented action. He has a proven track record of excellence in managing community formation, leadership, and strategic collaboration. Rick’s experience in non-profit, governmental and for-profit business makes him uniquely positioned to manage collaboration efforts that embody public/private partnerships as well as creating learning organizations.

Mr. Stockburger has served in a variety of leadership roles throughout his life. The first stop on his career path turned Mr. Stockburger into a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Infantry. He later was Co-Founder of Saving Cities, a media company focused on urban revitalization in the Rust Belt Region and Vice President of Business Development for a technology based manufacturing firm. He now has focused his talents on his role at Escalys in order to be a true practitioner of the knowledge management skills he has learned throughout his career.


While serving in Kosovo Rick’s mind was opened to a completely new culturual experience. He quickly garnered the respect of his commanders and was the first Corporal to lead squad level missions on the Serbian border. This level of mission was reserved for Non-Commissioned officers three grades above his own. In Kosovo, he began understanding how to learn and how to utilize his leadership ability to encourage those around him.


As a member of a combat mentor team in Afghanistan Mr. Stockburger was awarded an Army Commendation Medal for his role in achieving success with the Afghan National Army. His ability to effectively communicate between his Hungarian and Afghan counterparts played a vital role in the success of the operation. While in Afghanistan, Rick worked with local schools to help establish a baseline for the bare essentials needed to create a learning environment.


Once he returned home and co-founded Saving Cities, Rick received the Cleveland Arsenal Award.  This award honors individuals who display their love of Cleveland on a grassroots level, singing the praises of the city’s unique neighborhoods. Rick was the only non-Clevelander to win this prestigious award. His work was featured in articles published in The Atlantic Cities, Good Magazine, Unmiserable Cleveland, Cleveland Magazine and The Harvard Kennedy School for Business Innovation.

Throughout Rick’s career he has been implementing fresh ideas into “how we learn”. He produced a feature length documentary entitled Red, White and Blueprints while he was tackling Urban Revitalization with Saving Cities. Rick has said that the hallmark of the documentary experience wasn’t the creation of the film but what he was able to learn from real practicitioners creating real communities along the way. He shares those experiences daily with his clients and coworkers which gives him a unique perspective and added edge.