The way you learn is the way we do business.


   The way you learn is the way we do business.

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Meet Paul McKenzie

Paul is Senior Director of Client Analysis and Program Strategy (CAPS) with Escalys. CAPS targets developing a comprehensive program approach to build on client needs, current status and long term strategic goals. Paul is uniquely qualified for his critical role in Escalys having spent the past 25 years championing and leading major, successful transformational change programs delivering multiple returns on client investments.

Paul has also provided leadership and coaching at all levels of both Fortune 500 and mid-market companies on strategic and operational initiatives throughout North America, South America and Europe. He has comprehensive knowledge of all facets of complex business operations across multiple industries gained as an executive consultant and coach and management experience in operations, accounting/finance, supply chain and channel management. This has included work across multiple industries including manufacturing, consumer goods, food, chemical, pharma/vaccines, insurance, utilities, oil and gas, and distribution during the course of his consulting career.

Mr. McKenzie has served in senior leadership roles at Ernst & Young, LLC, Oracle Corporation and Celerant Consulting, Inc. and most recently as President of McKenzie & Associates, LLC. Prior to his career in consulting, Paul also held senior management roles in accounting/finance and supply chain management with companies in the telecommunications and manufacturing industries.

Throughout his career Paul has created partnering relationships with clients to drive large scale sustainable organization change. He learned early the key to implementing sustainable change is to fundamentally change people’s behaviors and expectations – the way they work, act and think. In addition to changing individual behaviors he stresses leadership’s need to define and implement strong management controls and reporting systems, establish and communicate a relative few quantifiable metric targets, measure results and hold individuals accountable to deliver the results. It should be obvious that the leadership of change programs need to provide people the tools, training/education and ongoing coaching to allow them to be successful and link operational performance to individual performances.
In his role in CAPS, Paul builds on the experiences he gained while working with over 20 companies leading detailed analysis of their operations and the generation of quantifiable business cases to create a vision of the future and generate a sense of urgency and commitment to act in support of transformational business change and turnarounds. With over an 80% analysis conversion rate, Paul has teamed with client personnel to lead multi-year transformation programs and to establish and facilitate and coach effective program office structure, governance model and reporting frameworks.

Throughout Mr. McKenzie’s career the key to his and his client successes have been a fundamental belief that you must focus on the people part of the equation. You win or lose by how well or how poorly you get people to embrace new ways of operating their business. By fostering an environment of inclusion and collaboration with open and transparent communication and a respect for all people, Paul has helped organizations and individuals stretch their capabilities to go beyond their comfort zones and to create measureable and sustained success. This and Paul’s ability to build strong viable alliances and relationships with clients and other business partners along with his ability to coach effectively at all levels – executive suite to the shop floor – has made him and effective change agent and a sought after business partner.